A cluster for exciting
who dare to dream

About Innoskart

Accredited clusters are professional associations composed of significant representatives from different industries, thriving to build trust and long-term cooperation.

Innoskart is the catalyst that gives impetus to business relationships, accelerates responses, stimulates digitalisation efforts and facilitates their implementation.

Building relationships

Networking and personalised matchmaking
Cross-sectoral and horizontal strategic alliances
International projects and cooperation

Creating Value

Fostering dialogue between digital service providers and user companies
Business and technology consultancy, mentoring
Marketing and branding support


Direct EU funding and project mentoring
Thematic knowledge transfer and exchange of experiences
Industrial technology transfer
"Digitalisation is a journey ‒ choose Innoskart to be your guide"
Sustainable and green solutions
Research / Development / Innovation
Pilot and living-lab opportunities
Latest EU policies
Scalable and extensible technologies

A cluster in the service of networking and value creation