Our services

Innoskart Team helps our cluster members achieve their goals through a wide range of services and support activities:

Networking and personalized partner search

Our cluster management’s one of the most important tasks is to support business networking internal and external of the organisation, both national and international. We focus primarily on finding interfaces within the cluster, but our colleagues have an extensive database and experience of working together on national and European cooperative opportunities.

Horizontal strategic alliances

At Innoskart it is important the diversity within the cluster to create diverse business opportunities and relationships but we also focus on fostering collaboration between organizations in the same industries because we believe that a competitor also can be a strong ally. Our team is working on evolving common sales and purchasing channels because we see this as one of the most reliable basis for the future of our cluster.

Internal workshops, thematic knowledge transfer, exchange of experience

In the past our collegaues organized roundtable discussion about emerging internal need or actual changes of market. Some of these discussions formed into work team. These works we want to carry on specified schedule, provided constant interface to internal knowledge transfer for build up know-how which available every member of the cluster (the most revelant areas), and work together to solve similar problems.

Business Councelling

With the cumulated business and technology experience within our cluster our Team is able to help giving direction for members who are in decision making situation to present wide range of solving mechanism. Our colleagues are working on to make available the best sustainable business solutions and expandable technology for our cluster members.

International collaboration

Our  cluster management parallel participates many international projekts in which we provide opportunity for Innoskart’s members from time to time to introduce themselves internationally, attending European level networking events, exhibitions, conferences, study visits, living-lab collaborations. And our cluster members can also apply for EU grants through our mediation.

Innoskart branding and cluster marketing

Innoskart would like to build its brand primarily based on the specific and outstanding professional activities of the cluster. Besides these activities Innoskart Team provides   continous and unified marketing reinforcement to its members, which do not directly  increase sales but also highly skilled market participants we raise the prestige of our member organizations to be a fair ally.


We organize trainings and workshops for senior managers to help them with acquired knowledge to facilitate their daily work.

Our aim to provide time-saving, fast remunetory investment with our valued trainings.

Training of IT professionals

Our latest service is to train and to outsource junior software development professionals to Innoskart members. Within the Information Management Innovation Cluster has been a well-functioning strategy for many years. This oppurtinity is avaible for our IT service-providers implemented by StackSchools.

Marketing services

Innoskart Team marketing activities not only built-up the cluster common communication but also supports its members with unique personal services. To help you get the job off the ground we’ve put together a professional team which we can recommend it with confidence in the following areas:

• Videomarketing / Visual Knowledge Spreading
• Web development / Corporate Identity Design
• Copywriting / Content Writing