Thirteen European partners have come together in the S3FOOD project with an aim to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the EU food industry by enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt digital technology.

The partners will have a specific focus on facilitating and accelerating the use of smart sensor systems for improved quality control, better resource efficiency and a higher level of food safety and traceability – all important steps towards solving central challenges in the agri-food system.

S3FOOD targets the many SMEs in the agri-food industry in Europe, that currently lack the awareness, partners and funds to start the same journey.

The initial objective of the three-year project is to gain a full picture of food company needs and challenges and identify relevant research and technology providers that can support them. SMEs will also be invited on study visits to living labs and frontrunner companies, where they can see smart sensors in action, and to attend matchmaking events for finding relevant partners.

S3FOOD is a 5 million euro project, where 79 percent, corresponding to 3,9 million euro, goes directly to SME support in the form of funding vouchers and training and business coaching.

Funding: H2020/INNOSUP

Project duration: May 2019 – April 2022

Project partners:
Flanders FOOD, Belgium; INNOSKART, Hungary; AgriFood Capital BV, The Netherlands; Industry Association of Navarra, Spain; Asociacion De Investigacion De Industrias De La Carne Del Principado De Asturias, Spain; Bretagne Développement Innovation, France; Galicia Food Cluster, Spain; CORALLIA, Greece; Danish Food Cluster, Denmark; DSP Valley, Belgium; Food Processing Initiative, Germany; Viameca Association, France; Wagralim, Belgium.
Hungarian partner of Innoskart is Campden BRI Hungary

Weboldal: www.s3food.eu
Twitter: @s3food_eu