eDigiStars – Building of digital entrepreneurial capacities of the elderly through the innovative training system

There are 2 common issues in countries of Danube macro-region. 1st is lack of employees or self-employed entrepreneurs who can provide specific simple digital services for SMEs (e.g. basic system administration of Windows workstations, 3d printing, digital campaign admin or digital graphic de-sign).The other issue is the ageing of population and employability difficulties of the elderly population. At the EU level is concluded that workforce of 51 years or higher is affected. Is it possible to turn such workforce to the digital self-entrepreneurs and address thus both challenges? Many studies shows that yes. eDigiStars project builds on this. Therefore, the objective of the project is to develop sustainable ecosystems which successfully turn older workers to the digital self-employed entrepreneurs.
This is going to happen through development, pilot and assuring of sustainability of the eDigiStars Innovative system. The system consists of 3 modules–POWERYOU to empower elderly for digital self-employment, CAMPUS to adjust relevant courses to specific needs of Elderlies and LABEL to certify those Elderlies, who demonstrate enough digital skills. To demonstrate the impact, the project will pilot the whole eDigistar System.
The pilot will deliver measurable impact in territories in terms:
i) 40 elderlies with employability difficulties, primarily representing MINORITIES, MIGRANTS or other VULNERABLE groups (320 together) empowered and engaged;
ii) 1 selected “digital” course adapted per territory (8 together);
iii) 20 Elderlies build the digital competences (160 together);
iv) At least 15 of them (120 together) certified by eDigiStar LABEL.
To make it happen, the partnership of 4 employment offices, 3 industry representatives, 4 innovation centres, 2 public administrations, 2 education and training centres, 1 university and 2 institutions working with Elderlies from 8 countries of Danube macro-region have joined forces.


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