Connecting smart sensor systems for the food industry

The focus of Connsensys – Connecting smart sensor systems for the food industry – is to encourage the partnering process in relation to the key drivers of industrial modernization in the food industry, such as digital transformation. The industrial thematic areas of the partnership include: advanced manufacturing, digital transformation, industry 4.0 and big data analytics.

The close cooperation between cluster organisations – that manage joint activities, facilitate networking and provide or channel specialised and customised business support services – and RTOs improves the business environment for SMEs and maximises synergies, as both types of organisations give SMEs better access to innovation support and funding. The intense, strategic collaboration between clusters and RTOs will create a trust zone and lead to a crossfertilisation process between the involved sectors. This will facilitate the wider distribution and penetration of R&D results and stimulate innovation excellence, will accelerate the introduction, validation and implementation of IoT solutions based on smart electronic systems and embedded technology in the food industry on a wide scale.

Objectives of Connsensys

The aim of Connsensys is to create a European network of interconnected and open access living labs to facilitate the implementation of intelligent sensor systems in the agri-food industry, establishing shared support services for the creation of companies and technological intelligence.

By creating this European platform for intelligent sensor systems, stakeholders will gain a better understanding of the possibilities and needs of each of these technologies.

To achieve these challenges, the partners will work on a five-step model whose objective is to increase the awareness and applicability of existing (and future) intelligent sensor systems in the food industry, as well as promote projects for their implementation.

Participants of Connsensys

The Connsensys project has the following partners: Flanders’ FOOD, INNOSKART, Campden BRI, Food-Processing Initiative, ASINCAR, VIAMECA, Clusaga and Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia and is co-financed by the COSME program of the European Union.



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