Cluster members and products

Innoskart members’ field of activity are based on a colorful palette, and this industry diversity provides the basis for our tailor-made partner search service and our extensive internal collaboration. The cluster is strong in IT (hardware and software) as well as food and manufacturing industry and research field, but in many other sectors we have outstanding members such as vehicle trade, pharmaceuticals, machinery and trade, metalworking, paint manufacturing, consulting.

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Stiefel Eurocart Ltd.

digital office and classroom

Storno Soft Bt.

development, application, consultancy

Synaptogenex Kft.

biotechnological processes, research

Sys-Control Lcd.

smart crop production

Techno System Ltd.

industrial automation

Toxi-Coop Zrt.

agrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratory research

Unicomp Kft.

information technology

University of Dunaújváros

University of Applied Sciences

University of Szeged

Veritas, Virtus, Libertas


digital transformation, CRM, DMS, workflow and ERP systems on a cloud basis