Cluster members and products

Innoskart members’ field of activity are based on a colorful palette, and this industry diversity provides the basis for our tailor-made partner search service and our extensive internal collaboration. The cluster is strong in IT (hardware and software) as well as food and manufacturing industry and research field, but in many other sectors we have outstanding members such as vehicle trade, pharmaceuticals, machinery and trade, metalworking, paint manufacturing, consulting.

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Ablakszerker Ltd.

Premium door, window and shading solutions

Adexgo Ltd.

production and distribution of complementary feeds and feed additives

AdWare Research Ltd.

Data-management, biostatistics

Agri-Corn Ltd.

corn processor

Agrofil SZMI Ltd.

agricultural consultancy and research development

B&O Engineering Ltd.

Industrial automation

Beta Research Institute Ltd.

Soil and plant testing, consultancy

Billingo Technologies Zrt.

Online billing program

Brill-Color Ltd.

automotive supplier, painting workshop

Campden BRI Hungary

food, agricultural technology and quality development

CHH Műszaki Kft.

Agricultural and Food Seed Processing Technology

Copetero Unlimited ec

business management and other management consultancy

Cubilog Kft.

IOT Platform, Remote Agricultural Monitoring

Delfin System House Ltd.

Trading, installation, maintenance and servicing of professional office equipment

Doroti Pack Kft.

producing and selling premium-quality packaging equipments