Visual marketing and branding

According to some researches videos will be counted approximately 80-82% of all world internet traffic in the near future. Why is visual content growing so much? Because it’s effective. 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual, so the brain processes content presented in video format 60% faster than text. Video is a key marketing and educational tool in today’s world that contributes to many business goals.

Employer Branding / Recruitment Videos

  • aiming to increase employer prestige
  • image enhancement content for internal, external or recruitment use

Image Videos / Corporate Videos

  • emotive, sensory, value-conveying image video
  • fact-based image video, with interviews

Educational /
How-To Videos

  • supporting in-house training
  • demonstrating technical processes and technology
  • instruction manual
  • safety education videos

Branding Videos

  • a video to showcase the production, launch, and acceptance of a product
  • case study videos that feature your satisfied, loyal customers

Event Videos

  • professional conference summary, team building, social event, corporate family day, etc. experience 

Other corporate videos

  • Video Newsletter
  • Instagram / Facebook ads
  • Facebook Cover / Cover Videos
Web development and graphic design

The image elements have a determinative influence on the company’s image, especially in the online space. When a visitor arrives to our site, they will have the first impression within 4 seconds about of our website, image and about our organisation. This impression included with prejudices about our professional competence, personal performance and the quality connected of our work. If the first impression is not convincing the person will not proceed to the next page. That is why it is important to put our corporate identity, form and design system at the service of business strategy.


We design and develop websites from informational to complex webshops. The websites we create are unique, personalized, fast and mobile friendly. Service can be requested with other graphic design, thus a website can be executed at the same time as creating a corporate image. If needed we can help you with domain registration and choosing the right hosting provider.


Complete corporate identity design from logo, flyer, brochure, billboard to business card, dossier, corporate letterhead, etc. During the implementation all elements are carefully executed in accordance with agreed needs, in print-ready form. If necessary we can help you choose the right printing company for your production.


Szirmai Nóra

Communication manager​

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