Techno System Ltd.

Techno System Ltd.

7150, Bonyhád, Gyár u. 32

Focus fields

Our current industrial and residential services cover the following areas:
– Industrial control technology
– Manufacture and commissioning of surface treatment equipment and its maintenance
– Residential services – manufacturing of fences, shutters, garden furniture, partitions and other locksmith work
– We also carry out plasma cutting, powder coating and sheet metal working using our state-of-the-art machinery
We have a workshop in Bonyhád, in the South Transdanubian Region, where we have a well-equipped plant for our customers.


Company profile

The members of Techno system Ltd have been involved in industrial automation since the 90s. The company was transformed into a limited liability company in 2007.
Initially as a sole proprietorship, it was thanks to the precise and persistent work of the owner and the professional team of professionals who assisted him that the company was able to maintain its flexibility, precision and reliability year after year, to the satisfaction of its customers. At that time, our main activity was the distribution of components for industrial automation.
Since 2004, we have also been representing OMRON and BALLUFF products in Hungary. Later we applied the excellent products we had learned to the field of machine manufacturing. We did not commit ourselves to any brand, but aimed to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. To this end, we have formed a team of suppliers with whom we work together and mutually support each other.
Since 2007, we have been involved in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of food technology equipment.
Since 2008, we have been exploring another industry within the heavy industry sector, in order to have more legs to stand on and to be able to work in a wider area. The development of industry has led to the development of services. In the latter, our largest customers include Kematechnik Innomontage Ltd. and Industry-Tech Ltd.
We have a workshop in Bonyhád, in the South Transdanubian Region, where we have a well-equipped plant for our customers.
We are highly innovative, with continuous small improvements in the production of industrial control technology, painting equipment and material handling equipment. In the field of industrial automation, we intend to gain a strong market position in the region by preparing to build our new 600 square metre hall under our own ownership.