Sys-Control Lcd.

Sys-Control Lcd.

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Focus fields

It combines precise soil measurement, the observation of plant status and insect presence in irrigation, the latest scientific evidence on nutrient and pest management.

Meteorological station
With the knowledge of meteorological data, the condition of the production area can be continuously monitored and the local characteristics of the area can be learned.

The multi-point data allow for the detection of frost hazards, overheating, and provide vital information for nutrient management.

Remote traps
Every day, the daily insect trapping is read and their swarming and larval hatching can be monitored.

Irrigation Control
Irrigation works automatically based on accurate soil moisture sensors in the root zone, soil database and rainfall forecast.


Company profile

Our most successful brand is AgroSense, which helps intensive cultivation in 6 countries in more than 70 locations with over 250 devices. In addition, we are official resellers of several North American plant physiology instrument manufacturers in Hungary and the surrounding countries.