Synaptogenex Kft.

Synaptogenex Kft.

+3670 314 5912
1151 Budapest, Horváth Mihály utca 2.

Focus fields

The main profile of Synaptogenex Kft. Is the search and implementation of the practical applicability of biotechnological procedures and research for the purpose of use.


Company profile

The company employs PhD graduates from physicians, physicists and biologists, as well as outstanding mechanical and software professionals. The company has a laboratory in Szeged suitable for biochemical research and development and the production of marketable biotechnological reagent products.
Our goal is continuous and dynamic development, therefore we participate in several tender projects for research and development, in which we deal with the following topics:

– Develop a combined behavioral and synaptological testing procedure for the treatment of depression.
– Investigate the role of the immune system in a variety of diseases, including cancer.
– Development of a dietary supplement product for the elderly with memory impairment that has a preventive effect on memory loss.
– Develop innovative, new dairy products to support the immune system and rob the debilitated body with biologically active ingredients.
– Development of a portable CO2 delivery device for respiratory stabilization to eliminate hyperventilation attacks during panic disorder.

Our company has significant development potential, we are constantly looking for new tender opportunities and activities within our scope of activities that will result in forward-looking development at both the economic and technological levels.