Solum Ltd.

Solum Ltd.

+36 34 540-670
2900 Komárom, Városmajor út 30.

Focus fields

In our narrower environment, four producer groups – cereals, potatoes, sugar beets, oilseeds – were formed at our initiative and we are also members of a dairy group.


Company profile

Solum Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial Limited Liability Company was founded on February 27, 1991 on the economic and intellectual basis of the György Klapka Agricultural Production Cooperative of Komárom with a registered capital of HUF 120 million. The owners of the company are 100% Hungarian private persons, according to the current data of the share register 130 persons.

The business activities of the enterprise include crop production, animal husbandry and, in addition, industrial activities. The main activity under the TEÁOR is “Growing of cereals and other crops nec”.

The company has an average statistical staff of 145 and annual net sales of HUF 2.9 billion. The Company is a member of the National Potato Product Council, the Milk Product Council, the Grain Product Council and the Hungarian Fruit and Vegetable Product Council.