Custom software development

Reliable technology. Competence. Experience.

In addition to the standard database management, C++, C# and Java technologies, we can satisfy our customers’ needs in Windows, UNIX and web based environments by picking the most suitable programming language. We offer trusted technologies to our partners in long

We have gained vast professional experience in1software

• managing and operating architectural management systems
• creating administrative, reporting software
• developing graphical presentation software
• communicating with special devices (PNM, real time rating (Domino)) and
• preparing modern web based applications.

We always recommend our partners innovative yet already proven technologies that can be used with high reliability in the long run even when performing the most complex tasks at the highest possible quality and efficiency.
We pick the most suitable programming language, technology and approach from the vast selection of technologies we have effectively used on a number of occasions, including:

• SilverLight, Google Web Toolkit, Flex
• Python code
• Corba communication, XML based communication
• Javascript, PHP, AJAX

Real-Time Billing
We offer an end-to-end real-time charging solution supporting integrated, convergent services to clients using mobile, landline, cable or IP technology.

Rubin Inc. offers an end-to-end real-time charging solution supporting integrated, convergent services to clients using mobile, landline, cable or IP technology. Our product fits in the front end and back end telco applications and uses its own provisioning modules to communicate directly with network end-point devices.

Product benefits

For other products on the market, real-time charging means only real-time administration of transaction fees. Our integrated solution covers a broader spectrum of client managementthereby offering a cost-effective solution compared to large, modular billing systems:

Customer management
Contract management
Sales and Service Catalogue
Partner Settlements and Payment management
Payment and Recharging
Instance Rating and Mediation
Service provisioning
Service Quality management

Our solution enables you to provide complex services to your customers with short time-to-market periods:

Cross-product promotions. Promote usage of one service by giving discounts on another.
Loyalty rewards management. Track reward points and redemption plans to encourage customer loyalty.
Our product offers telco grade reliability on Oracle™ foundations. The architecture supports linear scalability providing seamless service even to millions of concurrent users.

Due to the modular design of the product, we can handle various rating protocols of telco devices including Mobile IN and IMS systems.

The real-time provisioning modules connected to the CRM component of our product offers premium customer experience. Customers can start using the ordered content as soon as they order the service.

The QoS management capability of our product is what makes services provided to IMS customers attractive. The bandwidth of the service used may be defined real-time according to the contents purchased by customers.


Magyar Telekom Domino™ system
5 million customers
15 million transactions
Telco grade availability
he primary purpose of system is to collect alarms generated by devices located at remote sites and transmit those to a management center. The center pre-processes the alarms, detects any correlations, cause and effect interdependencies and then displays filtered information for the user.

Centralized System Management
The system satisfies all of the following needs in one:
Central management service
Control of the quality parameters of the network
Automation of human activities
Security management on sites (access control, motion and temperature detection)
Remote configuration
Remote data collection and intervention
OPEX reduction:
Reduction of electric power consumption by optimizing air conditioning systems
Workflow / Workforce integration

25The operating advantages of the system are clear when it is online because this management system can significantly cut down on operating costs with the organization, processing, evaluation and single system display of the collected data.

Remote intervention, one-touch software update from the management center and other options dramatically lower management and maintenance costs primarily by reducing the demand for human resources.

The organized and transparent layouts of the user interfaces provide information needed for cool-headed intervention even in critical situations.

The system logs each and every key events to support simple and effective subsequent analysis and troubleshooting.

The current system can overview thousands of sites equipped with tens of thousands of devices of approximately 100 different types. The system can processes up to 500,000 events a day and the complex correlation logic filters those down to only a few hundred processes requiring human intervention.

Modular design
The mission-specific modules enable customers to select from a list of easy-to-separate additional functions:

Map display
Report generation and sending
Access control
Firmware download
SMS/email notification