System integration

Availability at all costs, of course, at low cost. We operate our own servers to provide our clients with persistent or temporary high server requirements.
We provide server back-up for our customers’ critical availability systems with our highly reliable tools.
Who needs server rentals?
who is using a critical application that cannot be stopped, does not depend on a site internet access;
wants to access its central system from multiple locations;
works through high-security terminal access;
capacity requirements change frequently (whether you need more storage, more memory, more processor performance periodically);
in addition to the above, you must be certified to store your data in Hungary.
We design the lease individually and in cooperation with our client. Of course, we also operate / support Azure or Amazon cloud services on demand. In our server cabinets we can place our clients’ existing or new own devices, even outside the convergence region.
Technological background for gourmets:
high availability blade servers;
storage; which also offers SSD and hard disk space;
We use VmWare based virtualization technology;
FortiGate firewall provides security;
The system is located in a 24 hour data center;
another copy of the backup system is located in another data park;
A 24 hour monitoring system monitors each movement of the system