Pom Bär, Chio Burgonyaszirom, Chio Taccos, Chio Big Pep, Chio Fried Chicken

Pom Bar: Crispy potato snack with sunflower oil – the joy of snacking on the little ones and the big ones!
Chio Potato Chips: The old favorite is here again! The potato petals were tuned to the taste of Hungarian cuisine
Chio Taccos: Our true classic is the grilled Taccos.
Chio Big Pep: Are you hungry? Then Big Pep was invented for you! Ham-onion-pepper-flavored snack for big bites.
Chio Fried Chicken:Roasted chicken flavored potato snack
Pellets based puffed snacks are potato based or potato and wheat flour, corn, etc. based dough. The tiny water inclusions inside the dry dough become steaming when baked and turn the raw pellet into a loose, bubble-like structure. The pellets are also fried in high-oleic sunflower oil (HOSO), which, being baking, is healthier than saturated or polyunsaturated fats. We do not use artificial flavor enhancers, artificial dyes or preservatives.