Our fresh products

Whole rabbit
We supply the product whole with or without head, cut into ten pieces, or completely deboned. A whole rabbit, cut into pieces, is ideal for stews with a good sauce (for example white wine).

Rabbit leg
To produce our Deluxe Rabbit Legs, we remove the shoulder bone, which makes the product more enjoyable. The leg is ideal for stews but it is also fine and juicy prepared in the oven or on a barbecue.

Boneless Rabbit leg
Legs are available boneless to make them suitable for filling with herb-cheese or a combination of prosciutto, mozzarella and arugula according to your personal taste.

Rabbit leg ragout
To make a delicious rabbit leg ragout, the meat is cut and boned by hand before being gently roasted with a hearty sauce.

Rabbit leg flank
Rabbit leg cutlets are ideal for roasting.

Rabbit leg strips
Fine strips cut well from high-quality leg meat. Delicious when cooked in a cream sauce with noodles.

Rabbit Kebabs
The „Nuesschen” is a prime cut taken from the thigh and made into a kebab. Delicious when grilled or fried and served with ratatouille or salad.

Mini Kebabs from the leg
The corner portion of the rabbit leg is prepared for the skewer. Enjoy it grilled or fried with fresh grilled vegetables.

Rabbit saddle whole
We supply a whole rabbit saddle, with or without bones. The saddle weighs approx. 400 grams with bones and without bones the weight is around 280 grams. Rabbit saddle with your favourite filling can be roasted and served with potato gratin.

Rolled rabbit saddle roast
A saddle fillet is placed into a boneless rabbit saddle and the whole thing is wrapped with flank steak and tied. As is the case with the whole saddle, the rolled roast is ideal for preparing in the oven. Wrap with bacon and simmer slowly. As garnish, potato wedges with rosemary and some olive oil prepared in the oven are highly recommended. Noodles or mashed potatoes go well with a good sauce.

Rabbit saddle cutlets
Rabbit saddle with bones is cut into slices about two centimetres (0.79 inches) thick giving four small cutlets. Roast for a short time in the oven at 100°C (212 Fahrenheit), and you have the perfect rabbit cutlet. Choose a garnish according to your own taste. Enjoy with salad for a light meal.

Rabbit saddle fillet
The finest piece of the rabbit. The fillet is carved out from the saddle and weighs between 60 and 70 grams (0.13 and 0.15 pounds). This piece is called ’entrecote’ in other types of meat. The fillet can be eaten raw as carpaccio with a little oil and salt/pepper.

Rabbit saddle inner fillet
The inner fillet is another prime cut. As strips for salad, roast for a short time and add garnish. Most of our inner fillets are used for mini fillet kebabs.

Mini fillet Kebabs
Delicious kebabs with rolled inner fillets, highly suitable for grilling. Very light and low in fat. Great with salad or vegetables.

Rabbit saddle strips
Top quality strips of rabbit saddle fillet. Sear the strips ’à la minute’, allow to simmer in the sauce. Enjoy with noodles.

Rabbit forequarter
The two forelegs of rabbit give a forequarter. It is ideal for stews since it has the highest fat content and it becomes very juicy.

Rabbit gigolettes
The forequarter is wrapped with a flank and then tied. A reasonably priced but high quality product, ideal for stews.

Rabbit shoulder ragout
Ragout cut from shoulder pieces by hand. Good for stewing.

Rabbit liver
Rabbit liver is a delicacy for gourmets. Tastes best when fresh.

Rabbit kidney
Another speciality is the kidney. Try it lightly fried.

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Duck breast

Chicken breast