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Focus fields

Freshness and Quality
Our goal is to offer you products of guaranteed freshness and quality. In order to achieve this goal in the future we work on the improvement of quality assurance in all areas. Likewise, we work tirelessly on optimization of our modern farming system and on product innovations. With these measures we ensure that you always get the best products.

In order to guarantee the high quality of our products it is vital to take control of the value chain, which begins at animal feed production and ends on the shelf in the store. That is why we operate our own feed mill, farming systems and meat processing.

Social responsibility
We make an important social contribution in the regions where we are active. We offer our employees in Hungary the opportunity to participate in training and development. In Lajosmizse (Hungary) we play an important role in the local and regional economy as major employer and buyer of local produce.

We have an open and ambitious approach to new business areas because we know that the market is dynamic and the needs of our customers change. Our core business is and will always be rabbit meat. Here we play a leading role all over Europe and we constantly expand our core competence with strong innovative thrust.

Nature –our rabbits are fed exclusively with untreated forage and hay from extensively farmed grasslands.

Freshness – High standards of hygiene and highly coordinated logistics.

Enviroment – rabbit breeding is vastly superior to breeding of larger farm animals because the CO2 – emission per kilogram of meat is significantly lower.

Professionalism – Thanks to comprehensive know-how and many years of experience, our feed production and our products meet our quality requirements and the quality requirements of our customers.

Courage – in our company we live in a culture of open communication where new ideas are encouraged.

Health – The well-being of our customers is of central importance to us so we offer top quality rabbit meat products for healthy and balanced nutrition.


Company profile

Base of operation
Olivia Ltd. was founded in 1991 with headquarters in Lajosmizse. Its 100% owner is Delimpex AG located in Switzerland. Our main activity is rabbit meat processing and the majority of our products are exported. The company’s operating area is Hungary and a domestic labor force is employed. Almost 100% of raw material for rabbit feed is sourced locally.

Quality mindset
Environmental and quality management systems have been introduced through the full integration at the company. Production areas certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001: rabbit breeding, feed manufacturing, slaughtering of rabbits, meat processing rabbit meat fresh and frozen; packaging (vacuum-packed products and products in modified-atmosphere packaging), meat products from rabbits (seasoned meat products, minced meat). Food safety management system is based on HACCP, a system for hazard analysis and certified according to IFS standard.

Animal Welfare
Our company fulfils all regulations, a particular attention is paid to respect animal welfare aspects. Our rabbits consume only the feed manufactured and supervised in our own production and they are continuously kept in a husbandry system of very high level right from their birth. The feed mill, rabbit farms and also the slaughter-house are operated by EU regulations, which are regularly controlled and maintained. This is the reason why our company supplies many internationally renowned companies (such as HIPP and Nestlé) with rabbit meat as a source material for baby food.

Research and Development
Olivia Ltd. is engaged in research and development activity for many years. We maintain a close co-operation with University of Kaposvár and owing to this co-operation several researches and developments, which are realized at our company. Our main subject is developing rabbit breeding, taking especially animal welfare, healthy food manufacturing and food safety into consideration.