Billingo Technologies Zrt.

Billingo Technologies Zrt.

1133 Budapest, Árbóc utca 6.

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Company profile

Billlingo Technologies Zrt., founded in 2014, is the developer of the Billingo online billing program. During the first 5 years, more than 40,000 Hungarian companies chose their services.
With Billing, our main goal is to create an online billing program that makes monotonous billing enjoyable and saves a lot of resources and time for businesses by automating the most time-consuming administrative tasks. In order to do this, it is essential that you always comply 100% with NAV’s applicable tax guidelines
Billingo is designed to be as user-friendly and logical as possible, and to simplify the work of entrepreneurs. That’s why a lot of automated features have been added:

– automate the issuing and sending of recurring invoices,
– uploading a single file can generate invoices in bulk with a few touches,
– invoice automation from an API-connected webshop, CRM system or other management system,
– simple invoice export allows you to email invoices to the accountant,
– eliminating the need to print, physically store invoices and work more efficiently,
– automate the sending of payment reminders and reminders to minimize outstanding payments,
– automated fulfillment of the mandatory NAV data provision, the success of which is also prompted by the system.

In 2019, a team of Billingo experts was formed, joined by 13 well-known and experienced experts (lawyer, tax expert, tax consultant, accountant, e-commerce expert, fintech specialist, etc.) to provide their expertise, experience and useful information. bill movable much.