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Óbuda University Alba Regia Technical Faculty

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Alba Regia Technical Faculty, Óbuda University was established in 2014 as a result of a merger between two Székesfehérvár-based higher educational institutes. Henceforth the Institute of Engineering and the Institute of Geoinformatics operate as the successors of two former institutes.
The Institute of Engineering prides itself for its long-established educational traditions and professional experience in the border areas of engineering in electronics, informatics, mechatronics and technical-economic sciences. Our graduates find employment as electrical engineers or engineers in informatics and mechatronics in both national and multinational businesses giving evidence of being strong contenders in the highly competitive labour market. In order to continuously cope with the challenges of the dynamically growing industrial and business environment we improve and update our curricula, methods and facilities in an ongoing fashion. In terms of the knowledge areas mentioned above we offer full-time and correspondence training in our BSc and MSc programs.
The Institute of Geoinformatics expedites students in the field of land survey, cartography and geoinformatics at BSc and MSc levels for more than 50 years. Land surveying and land management engineers find employment in land registry offices whereas surveyors and engineers in geoinformatics utilize their expertise in business enterprises; perform positioning and construction-management-related tasks on construction sites. Uniquely in the country the institute educates property management engineers as well. The public administration management BSc program is to offer an alternative training for those interested in public administration. Our correspondence training provides learning opportunities for people already in employment.
The strategic goal of Alba Regia Technical Faculty is to provide students with usable, hands-on knowledge whose skills and human qualities enable them to obtain employment. Based on their career and family success these young experts take pride in obtaining knowledge at Óbuda University.
The city of Székesfehérvár, the staff and facilities of the faculty offer a friendly and human-scale environment for favourable student life. Highly motivated and ambitious students have the opportunity of furthering their studies in the doctoral programs of Óbuda University.