Nuclear power plant systems

Security Classification

Grading into a Safety Department also requires special treatment, which is reliably guaranteed by the many years of experience of e-Base Ltd. and its unique reference (Paks Nuclear Power Plant System). Preparation of documentation (system design, user manual), proper management, cleaning, integration and maintenance of data assets and code system results in a unified and reliable system.

Weekend Workspace Inspection System – Selects CPMs that are still open on Friday afternoon in the facility area and offers them for documentation to authorized and required professionals.
II / b.
Alphanumeric work number system
Generate alphanumeric data for cost center and work number data required for the economic accounting of maintenance work, and vice versa for updating alphanumeric data.
II / c.
PassPort data operations
So far, the integrated technical record system has been introduced only at Paks Nuclear Power Plant in Hungary. All data operations related to the introduction of the mega-investment were within the competence of e-Base Kft.

business logic
interface customization
Grade Nuclear Safety (now Windows). Alphanumeric code registration of any item according to radiation (security) zones, up-to-date permissions and documentation.
Creating and running data cleansing and data delivery applications to launch SAP PM Module for data migration. ”

Asset Suite 6 localization support
Web version of Passport integrated technical registration system for Hungarian language. Inromatic support

Asset Suite 6 Deployment Support
Developer Support for Deploying the Web Version of the Asset Suite 6 Technical Registry System. Modification and extension of the basic system functionality according to user requirements.