Mythos TPDMS

Collection, management, evaluation of test data

Mythos TPDMS is a comprehensive, easy to use software solution for collection, management and evaluation of data generated by studies in order to support research facilities throughout the preclinical and toxicological research processes. The key goals that AdWare intended to achieve with its own-developed preclinical and toxicological data management system were to provide an unique solution for in vivo (or similar) studies where large volume and different data are generated and transfer the data to structured format. Besides maintaining all preclinical data the system offers comprehensive, R-supported descriptive statistical analysis with built-in hypothesis testing and reporting functions to maximize the efficiency of the program and minimize the work of the scientist.

Key benefits of Mythos TPDMS:
very short learning curve based on logic and intuitive interface, detailed user manual and continuous support,
data are protected from unauthorized access via multi-level password security system (on first level the software access, on second level each study is protected by individual passwords),
is validated and complies with the regulatory requirements of Good Laboratory Practices and FDA 21 CFR Part 11,
covers the full scale of the preclinical experimental processes: study setup, data capture, statistical evaluation, report preparation.
Modules of Mythos TPDMS:

Study design
flexible, customized, but rapid study setup by using pre-defined templates for subject groups, variables and schedule

Data capture
trackable manual and automatic data entering possibilities for wide range of data types

Statistical analysis
automatically performed statistical analysis for various types of evaluation with built-in hypothesis testing

exportable and printable reports about the result of the experiment with customized appearance for tables and charts