Keleti Faculty of Business and Management Óbuda University

Keleti Faculty of Business and Management Óbuda University

(1 )666-5201
1084 Budapest, Tavaszmező u. 15-17.

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The faculty’s portfolio offers to students a chance for self-development in a wide range of courses from vocational higher education to master’s degree.
We attach great importance to practice-oriented training, talent management and catching up.
Our educational portfolio is further enriched by the fact that we have nearly 70 partner universities in Europe and worldwide. Besides the high-quality education, the main strength of the faculty is its vibrant academic life. In addition to these, the faculty also hosts a number of scientific and educational events where our students can participate without a fee.

Our mission is not only to provide knowledge and develop competences, but at the same time we offer a community for our students in which they can simultaneously develop, discover new things, experiment with creative ideas, and support others in this regard.