Complex IT service

Complex IT service
Survey system
System assessment, consultancy and quotation for new partners. We will evaluate the effectiveness of their current computer network. We prepare a survey report describing the proper and inadequate operation of the current system. If necessary, we will arrange reorganization tips and ideas after a joint consultation. Smaller reorganization can save you a lot of time and cost to make your system work more efficiently and economically.
Design and construction of IT networks
We design and build a new computer network and workstations (Mac OSX, Windows, Linux). Surveying and testing of existing networks: We will survey and test your existing network in accordance with the new requirements.
Linux and Windows server operation
We operate, maintain, or acquire, configure, and manage your existing server, whether Windows or Linux. We provide versatile server service management, eg file, web, mail, proxy, database, fax … etc.
Cloud-based server service
Remote servers, management, software management.
Online remote assistance, system operation
It is often enough and lightning fast for our colleagues to remotely resolve a problem that may arise, so everyone can save time and money.
IT policy development
If they do not yet exist, we will jointly develop a set of usage rules that determine who has the privileges. Who can install, delete programs. The order of naming, organizing and saving the resulting data. Users only use work-based applications installed by the administrator. It also regulates the use of the Internet by which data you may download, use and forward. All users sign a statement that they understand and abide by this policy.
Enterprise management system, logistics
Sales and installation of advanced software supporting inventory management, warehousing, sales, billing.
Regular economic reviews and technical advice
Upon request, we prepare an analysis of how efficiently your IT system operates and provide advice on the need for any changes, modifications, and possible ways to operate more efficiently.
System and maintenance
We periodically check our IT equipment and perform regular maintenance such as operating system updates, deleting temporary files, defragmenting the disk, disk check, dust removal of the engine room, cleaning of cooling fans, etc. With frequent maintenance, we can extend the lifetime of the machines by many years.
Telephone assistance and advice
If necessary, our colleagues will immediately answer any questions you may have over the phone and help you to resolve any problems immediately.
Purchase of equipment
If you need an IT tool, our colleagues will help you find the right quality and price! We ship branded trusted devices directly from the importer (eg Apple, Dell, Samsung, HP, IBM, Canon, Microsoft … etc). After a quick quote, we deliver the ordered product weekly. (In urgent cases, depending on the time of purchase, immediately.) We will set it up on site, help you get to know how to use it, maintain it regularly and handle warranty claims.
Warranty administration and service
Do not worry about your defective device! We take over and enforce warranty repairs, then ship them back and put them back into service. Non-warranty tools will be shipped to a service center for repair. You don’t have to worry about these, you can save time and money.
website Creation
After consultation, website designing is done based on your ideas, or entrusted to us, and we design and then create your company’s website. You can keep an eye on your site’s progress as needed. After completion, we will assist with data upload, maintenance, if necessary. We provide web hosting, help with domain registration. Your webpage is guaranteed to be compatible with the most common browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. We will maintain your existing or new website, as needed, and update it with fresh content.
With optimum settings, you can easily find your website with the help of internet search engines like Google. This is useful because you can gain new customers who, while they may not have known your page’s address, can simply reach your website.
It is important that your website is clear to the visitor in terms of content and structure. In addition to the features, the style and appearance of the page is also very important, as it is what can keep the visitor on the page if it is demanding. The right form and content combine to effectively communicate a company’s message, without wasting time for prospective or existing clients, making it difficult to access the information it needs.