„Robotics are beginning to cross that line from absolutely primitive motion to motion that resembles animal or human behavior.” /J. J. Abrams/

Unique purpose machines, special equipment, robot cells, form recognition systems all tailored to unique requirements with personal evaluation and implementation.

You tell us what kind of product you need an industrial purpose machine to manufacture and B&O Engineering’s specialized team will design and create the purpose machine that will most efficiently carry out the work process.

Designing and creating special equipment
Designing and creating robot cells
Designing form recognition systems equipped with cameras
Technological development
System integration with components made by renowned manufacturers
We provide innovative solutions for unique requirements via the following process:

Evaluation: Our company’s experts will contact you and assess the requirements the desired machine must meet.

Preliminary calculation: Our design department and project leaders calculate the implementation possibilities and the machine’s expenses.

Design: If the calculations meet the client’s expectations our designers will draw up the machine’s drafts.

Implementation: Our highly qualified professionals will create the machine based on the drafts in a short amount of time.

Putting the device into service: Our company will make the machine operational on site and place the device into the production process

Maintenance: For the repair or maintenance services you do not need to rely on foreign or strange companies. B&O Engineering’s maintenance team is available any time.