Fixed device, to which a variety of technologies can be connected. Its modular structure, reminiscent of building blocks, allows it to be continuously recycled and expanded.

What can you use it for?

Sales tracking
It accurately reports inventory sales and generates revenue-generating business reports. See the following page for more information.

Refrigerator monitoring
Continuous temperature monitoring of refrigeration equipment. See the following page for more information.

Burglar alarm
Supervision of security systems of office buildings, factories, flats.

Fire alarm
Supervision of fire protection systems in office buildings, factories and homes.

Vehicle tracking
For theft protection and logistics supervision of company vehicles.

Position tracking
For tracking, locating workers, machines and tools inside the building.

Access Control System
Supervision of person and vehicle access.

Elevator alarm
Monitoring of elevator alarms and status signals.

Information terminal
Public and corporate information and/or emergency call point.

Fluid level measurement
Measuring fluid levels and monitoring usage.

Forklift tracking
Monitoring the movement and diagnostic status of forklifts, hoists.

Condition monitoring
Diagnostic status monitoring of electric motors, rotary machines.

Water pump monitoring
Diagnostic condition monitoring of water lifting equipment, pumps.

Load balance supervision
Supervision of weighing of raw materials, finished products, transport vehicles.

Remote reading
Monitoring of water, gas and electricity consumption for cost reduction.

Solar panel monitoring
Theft protection and diagnostic status monitoring in one.

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