Company and production management system

GraphFactory is an SQL enterprise enterprise management system running in any virtual server environment that supports Phyton language and XML representation descriptions and is powered by a PostgreSQL database engine. Its interface (client page) is responsive, ie it can be run on both destop and mobile applications. High security built-in, supports HTTPS website access via a NGINX server. The Admin interface has configuration interfaces that are appropriate for the modules installed, where you can configure specific modules. We can also manage users on the Admin page who access different interfaces and data of the system with different permissions. We can organize users into groups and assign different permissions based on them.

The system is linked to the planned manufacturing processes in the following ways: Product tracking between the workstation workstations, product ID, arrival and departure time logging, built-in component logging. Implementation: via RFID module.
Product checks at manufacturing plant workstations, logging of detectors and visual quality control cameras. Implementation: via TCP / IP connection.
Collection of visual quality control equipment data. Implementation: TCP / IP connection via CAT5 cable.
Monitoring of component feeder sensor gates: via USB serial line.
Component Feeder Actuator Monitoring: Analog signal level monitoring via USB AD converter.
Automated production line test sensors data collection. Implementation: via TCP / IP connection.
Injection molding workflow control, product identification, process log. Implementation: via USB serial connection, via RFID ID.

The Industry 4.0 system integrates the following data into the enterprise management system: inventory of installed parts, visual quality control results, performance measurements: assembly time measurement and recording, visual fault checking time measurement. Collection and storage of test data. Registering user data, logging authority data.

Implementation of Industry 4.0 system data acquisition software: Linux based server process, C ++ QT platform, VIR integrated configuration interface, setting up via database tables, database connection implementation: dedicated SQL data table, statement tables for aggregated data, data table synchronization to enterprise management system database tables.

Technical conditions:

Linux based vital or local server with 1G network access point (optical). Minimum server configuration for 10 people simultaneously: 4 core / 8 fiber processor, 16GB RAM (memory), 100GB SSD storage.