Products for the prevention of metabolic diseases

Rumen-protected glucose product for dairy ruminating animals
Due to the limitations on increasing the feeding with fodder, in case of high yielding dairy cows, it is difficult to compose a feed dosage that completely covers the energy needs of these animals in their first third of lactation. In such cases, as a consequence of an inappropriate gluconeogenesis, in the long run the extent of glucose-synthesis limits the production of milk, which may result in developing glucose deficiency in some cases. The glucose-deficit condition may cause numerous metabolic diseases (e.g.: ketosis, acidosis).

It is a well-known fact that dairy cows have to produce a significant amount of glucose in the liver, because a great amount of glucose absorbed from the small intestine is utilized in cell-metabolism. Besides the national corn silage – and corn meal – based feeding, the further problem is that a certain part of the starch arriving in the small intestine will leave through the faecal matter without being digested.

With the increase of the lactation production of the cows, the production of glucose will more frequently be the limiting factor of milk-production. Thus the newest improvement of our company is such a rumen-protected glucose product, which can be an effective tool in the improvement of glucose supply.

It is an easily and directly utilized source of sugar around the period of birth.
Combined energy-supplementary (protected glucose and fat-source at the same time).
It has no negative effect on the digestion of crude fibre in the rumen.
The rate of endogenous gluconeogenesis decreases.
It improves the negative effects of the one-track corn-feeding regarding the national dairy cows’ feeding (e.g.: too much starch-proportion in the dose, which cannot be utilized).
Concentrated feed-supplementary (feeding can be “on top” as well).