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The straight-line, innovative RATIO is the smart choice for your windows and doors!

The most reliable German material with outstanding insulation values:

Profile system: Trocal 76 MD
Installation depth: 76 mm
Number of profile chambers: 6
Gasket: 3 gaskets, middle gasket version
Glazing: 24-48 mm
Thermal insulation: 1.16-0.75 W / m2K
Burglar resistance: up to RC2
When is the RATIO window or door a good choice for you?
If you want a solid, secure plastic door and window. If you want a clear solution for thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to the 3 sealing planes. If you want an aluminum outer shell and a built-in roller shutter.

AluClip – outer shell for a more distinctive look
This is an aluminum outer shell, which we finish in any color you like. Coat the outside profile of the door and window to make it even more powerful and decorative. The result: an excellent heat-insulating, low-maintenance plastic window that is as durable and elegant as aluminum. Give your window a definite look!

AddOn – extra glass layer and integrated shutter
An additional layer of glass is placed on the outside of the sash. Between the two glass shutters are protected from the weather and dust. It has an extremely long life and is extremely easy to clean. Shading done for many years!