Food safety

“From farmland to the table. We move at home. ”

In Hungary, Campden BRI Hungary Nonprofit Ltd. is the oldest and most widely consulted and trained food safety expert in the industry. We have decades of industry experience in food technology, food safety, hygiene and auditing.

We provide a wide range of services to our partners:

We assist in the development and operation of supplier food safety and quality assurance systems.

Many of our specialists are registered BRC, IFS, SQMS (McDonald’s supplier system) auditors in most food sectors). Some have been performing audits for decades based on different customer expectations and standards.

Our food security service is food safety education and advice that meets the requirements of International Trade Standards (IFS, BRC), using the Campden BRI Threat Assessment Approach.

Most of the Hungarian Good Hygiene Practice Guides that have been prepared so far have been edited by highly qualified experts at our Institute. We help you tailor industry-specific good practices to your product.

In Hungary, we can provide unique assistance in complying with the new US food import regulations.

We help our partners to validate the parameters and process characteristics that determine the safety of their products (heat treatment processes, vacuum and shielded gas packaging products and technologies, quality shelf life, etc.), based on customized, professionally and scientifically based methods.

More information about the services:

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