Transferring data real-time and provide optimized and intelligent control of energy use

This is a complex hardware and software solution with added energy expertise for large enterprises. We offer more economical business operations, high-level operational safety and financial reliability by metering electricity, gas and water consumption, transferring data real-time and provide optimized and intelligent control of energy use.

What we offer:
Identified energy structure
Detailed consumption metering and data supply: savings, costs and CO2 emissions
Energy losses discovered, excess consumers identified
Proposals for consumption regulations
Graphic reports and analyses to support decision makers
Real-time data access
Integration-ready system
Custom user interface
Flexibility, expertise

Benefits of the Rubin Energy Management solution
Fast and visible savings after the installation of metering devices by learning about the structure of energy consumption and implementing conscious consumer behavioral patterns. Optimization and control yield additional savings. Optimized energy consumption with lower costs.

assessment of the client’s current power consumption structure
reduced operating and maintenance costs
increased availability
optimized energy consumption
excess energy consumption and waste may be eliminated
financial predictability, knowledge of expected energy consumption
direct and immediate feedback on the actual financial implications of consumption
reduced CO2 emission
increased operating safety because the system is ready to integrate with existing management systems
regular reporting on consumption data to company management to support the decision making process of manufacturing companies
companies operating multiple sites can distribute company energy costs among the various sites
data supply to financial and invoicing systems

Our consultants support you in the decision making process of energy efficiency investments and in implementing conscious energy consumption patterns. Based on the available data, we discover energy losses and disconnect excess consumers. We also propose regulatory steps.
Building on our close two 20 years of experience in telecommunications, we provide all the hardware and software required for cost-effective and highly reliable business operations.

We offer a complex service. The system is ready to integrate with existing management systems and to transmit data to invoicing and process management systems.

This solution measures and intervenes at the same time and optimizes operation without reducing savings and comfort level.
Energy use limits may be configured.
You have access to real-time analysis.
You may even have direct control. This service offers outstanding savings options because interconnecting air engineering and heat control with presence (motion sensors), the calendar program and the outdoor temperature is more effective than traditional temperature control.
System alerts to dedicated users.
Accurate data on costs, savings and CO2 emission.
Graphical reports are accessible from the system directly and analytical interfaces help further analyses of energy use.