Efficiency, cost reduction

Increase the resource efficiency of your business

Applying innovative solutions, modern technologies and methods to make the use of resources of enterprises more efficient. In particular, to reduce energy and material losses from optimization of technology through cross-border cooperation in the areas of metrology, IT and data mining, machine building and automation.

We provide our partners with the following quality services:

With decades of professional experience in defining losses and extensive knowledge of food technology and industry practices, we provide a loss source analysis service for food businesses, tailor-made to ensure product quality does not deteriorate.

Full advice to businesses on identifying key food chains and evaluating their effectiveness. We will develop an action plan for the product (s) and / or business in view of reducing costs and increasing product quality.

Through IT-based analysis of data obtained using various advanced sensing systems and other monitoring tools, our Institute can provide solutions to optimize technology and perform food safety and quality validations.

Assistance in adapting ICT and advanced manufacturing solutions to specific food industry environments, and providing extensive networking of cross-border organizations (IT, mechanical engineering, robotics, automation, advanced technologies, etc.)

By systematically reviewing the efficiency of our plants, we help integrate sustainability, environmental and circular economy aspects into efficiency.

More information about the services:

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