High performance ANPR engine, which can accurately process raw imagery and turning it into data.

The Dremplate software utilises a unique contour matching algorithm to accurately process raw imagery and turning it into data. As there are so many varying types of plates worldwide selecting the correct engine to read plates with differing character sizes, plates sizes, fonts and colours is key to any system. The engine works with video and JPEG input and as a result of the process the user get the output such as license plate data, time, date, GPS, and region data.

The software is capable of reading standard and inverse polarity plates and plates with different character sizes, stacked characters, square and rectangular and a number of different fonts.

The ANPR engine can also read Arabic characters with very high accuracy. Each character read is assigned a confidence result of accuracy, culminating this and other data including segmentation and spacing enables the PC to display the most accurate result from each read.

The Dremplate is applicable for so many sectors such as law enforcement, congestion charge,traffic management, access control, e.g. .

The software supports all operating systems (Windows, Linux) and it can manage all kinds of licence palte structure. The imaging process is automatic with option to manual imaging.

We provide a supplementary software for Dremplate which name is PlateAccess. This application provides all the functionality to monitor or control access of vehicles entering and exiting a site. The software can provide an output to control barriers, gates, bollards e.g. and allow entry to an authorised vehicle automatically.

It also can be used to log and count all vehicles entering, exiting and passing through a site. A date and time stamp is logged with each vehicle number plate along with the associated image. This data is stored and can be interrogated at a later date, if required.

An automated system of this nature can reduce operational cost, and eliminate the need for swipe cards and other proximity devices which can change hands easily or be lost.