Cubilog Kft.

Cubilog Kft.

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Focus fields

Lets turning the technology into our own convenience. The remote monitoring gives the freedom to save time and energy of the field checks.

The state of the livestock and production is our prime consideration, but at the same time, our system can take care of the security issues.

The efficiency of the production is the core issue in the overall return. By collecting and analyzing data and providing the right environment for the animals, this goal is possible.


Company profile

Cubilog is an innovation company that has developed cloud monitoring systems using state-of-the-art technologies.
The world is constantly striving towards greater automation and high-efficiency, rule-based autonomous operation of machines. Our solution helps this endeavor and creates opportunities for smaller farmers to enter this world where they can become more competitive with larger companies by increasing theri efficiency.
Its installation and management does not require any programming/engineering skills and is intuitively structured like the Lego cube. The user selects the required modules for the task to be solved, assembles them, and the system automatically starts connecting to the Internet, collects and transmits the measured data, and controls the various devices connected to it according to user to entered rules.