Chio Stickletti, Chio Maxi Mix / Party Mix, Chio Crackings, Chio Perec, Chio Crackings, Gold Fischli

Chio Stickletti: It has been a classic crunch for 20 years, but it cannot be mistaken for a pinch of salt. Elegant crunch, deep brown, and unique flavor: this is Stickletti!
Chio Maxi Mix/Party Mix: What makes a Maxi Mix and Party mix good? Because you never get bored. Gold Fischli with Cheese and Sesame, Miniature Peppers, Onion Cracker and Crackletti Crunch – Various flavors and shapes for the whole company!
Chio Crackings: Light, crunchy pasta, golden brown: everything Chio Cracker has to offer gourmets! Salt is the real thing!
Chio Pretzel: We make our salt pretzels from nourishing high quality wheat. The dough is kneaded according to the traditional recipe and then sprinkled with large grains of salt. Slowly, gently fry to a golden yellow color!
Gold Fischli: Probably the finest, quality crunch. This is evidenced by baking in the oven without oil. Miniature fish are not accidentally liked by many.