Chio Master Crok, Chio Tubes, Chio Bikers, Chio Donuts, Chio Peanut Flips

The extruded puffed snacks are made from corn flakes. The meal liquefies at high pressures and temperatures, and when exposed to the open air, it suddenly expands, solidifies, cools, and in the meantime takes on a loose, airy, crunchy structure. A molding valve and associated knives form the extruded snack. The product is finally sprayed with an oily spice mixture. We do not use artificial flavor enhancers, artificial dyes or preservatives.
Chio Master Crok: Our little crocodile made from corn is a pious animal. With a delicious pizzas seasoning, we made sure to give you a wish: don’t let her bite first!
Chio Tubes: Cheese corn snack.
Chio Bikers: Pizza flavored corn snack
Chio Donuts: Corn snack with peanut and caramel flavor. The new generation of Flips, sweet and salty at the same time
Chio Peanut Flips: Light, crunchy corn snack – a real classic peanut flavor!