Card adhesives and envelope machines

The CAM 3030 is designed to deliver medium capacity cards and offers new and innovative features.

The CAM 3030 can be configured with various data acquisition modules, such as a barcode scanner on the front and back of the card, as well as a 100% vision control system that can optically match and verify card data with a database and cross-check personalized data.

The CAM 3030 is available with both a magnetic readout station and a readout station for contact and non-contact cards.

The CAM 3030 has a new card and carrier transport system and an optimized card label station. Replacing the supply roll of the label that secures the card is quick and easy, maximizing production performance.

The card shipping on the CAM 3030 is designed with the aid of a friction tape card delivery system, thus completely eliminating scratches on both sides of the card.

The CAM is capable of transmitting up to 1,400 cards per 3030 hours.

The CAM 3030 comes with an optional CARD SECURITY LABELING MODULE. This innovative solution makes it possible to apply a layer of adhesive plastic to a card previously affixed to the substrate, which acts as an impermeable membrane, keeping the card fixed to the substrate and protecting it from external elements, in particular those that endanger the card and the cardholder. data security. The label provides PROTECTION against any attempt or fraud, through sabotage.

The CAM 3030 can be shipped with the MAXIMAILER PLUS HPi, a multi-station system that takes, folds and covers the media with the fixed card. In addition, additional deposits can be added as an option.

The CAM 3030 has been designed to complement the existing CIM Pro Series and stand alone or combined with other Pro Series solutions using the CIM LinkWare application for seamless full card customization and performance.