Brill-Color Ltd.

Brill-Color Ltd.

8000 Székesfehérvár, Kamilla G/5 csarnok

Focus fields

The painting of trucks meets the constant high quality standards. Our company paints several new trucks per week, but we also undertake the repair of paint defects or the complete repainting of used horseboxes. The company’s market position is stable and competitive.


Company profile

Brill Color Ltd. has been a dynamically expanding, thriving automotive supplier and paint shop since its establishment in 2017. The paint shop has been a supplier of several large companies, such as Stephexhorsetrucks and Horse truck kft. The company is located in the Alba Industrial Zone, where 14 employees are now involved in the painting, varnishing and preparation work.
The Brill Color Ltd. site is designed according to the different phases of the polishing work. Our employees are skilled and experienced professionals, which is why our company is constantly being approached by factories that manufacture trucks, including horse-drawn trucks, in the region or on a national level. The work of our employees and the management of our managing director must meet very high quality standards, which is why investments are constant and the raw materials we work with meet European and world standards. In the near future, improvements will be made to the plant that will allow us to increase the efficiency of the preparation process, which will allow us to invest in further technological improvements to the workflow to increase efficiency. The technology will make the polishing of truck parts faster, which in the long term will allow the company to create new jobs.
We are fortunate to have a number of partners in the region, both on the customer and supplier side, but we are also working with research and development organisations to further marketable developments.