A cluster that serves business network and value creation

for exciting companies who dare to dream big

What is a cluster?

Cluster: Collaboration within networking of economic performers to gain joint benefits.

What is Innoskart?

Innovation: A new idea, creative thoughts, new imaginations in form of device or method.
Skart: In some card games, it means a card set aside, the value of which is included in the final settlement.

Inno + skart + cluster= ?

Our cluster is more than the sum of the meanings defined by the definitions: INNOSKART is a collection of innovative, creative people and organizations that work together to build the most effective and sustainable business solutions through human relationships, creating long-term collaborations, creating lasting values.

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The true value of Innoskart membership lies within our extensive experience gained in digital transformation and technology
The catalyst, which gives momentum to business relationship


Cluster members are supported by a dedicated team of business consultant, tender writer, economist and communication professional to achieve their goals.

We are the catalyst which gives momentum to business relationships, accelerates reactions, strengthens cluster cohesion. We are the Innoskart Team where adventurous plans are carried out creative implementation.

We deal with

  • Digital transformation
  • Industry 4.0/M2M/IoT systems in industry and agriculture
  • IT solutions and services
  • Sustainable solutions, expandable technologies
  • Research and development, living lab possibilities
  • Training and mediation of IT professionals

We have

  • Diverse industrial presence
  • Dynamic, cohesive organizations who dare to dream big
  • Extensive domestic and foreign connection network
  • Cumulated business and technological experience
  • Tender grants
  • Dedicated and helpful professionals, who support your goals

We can offer

  • Tailored partner search and networking
  • Horizontal strategic alliances
  • Internal workshops: thematic knowledge transfer, exchange of experience
  • Marketing support
  • Training
  • Business counselling
  • International cooperation

Innoskart is committed to support its members in the introduction and development of Industry 4.0/M2M/IoT systems.

Our team provide solutions to those who thinks that the human power is no longer enough to follow the digital world.

Human created values

Current tools of technology

Monitoring, validation, intervention

Conscious development, satisfaction

Contact us and discuss how we can support you and your organization achieving your goals!